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Potato canapè with fresh pecorino cheese "primo sale", marinated anchovies, caper berries and parsley.


3 Young potatoes
Fresh Pecorino Cheese "Primo Sale"
Agostino Recca Marinated Anchovies
40g Agostino Recca Caper Berries in Wine Vinegar
Extra virgin olive oil
Freshly ground black pepper.


Wash the potatoes making sure that the skin remains clean. Cut the potatoes into slices and let steam for about ten minutes, until they are soft but not flabby.
Garnish each canapè with two fillets of marinated anchovies, a couple of caper berries, parsley, black pepper, "primo sale" pecorino fresh cheese and extra virgin olive oil.


PGI Sicilia White or Rosè wine,  low alcoholic and slightly sparkling.

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